E15 Seminar:

Time: Monday, 13:30

Place: E15 Seminar room (3046)

08.05.17 Sergey Nagorny Progress and problems in developing scintillating bolometers to search for neutrinoless DBD of atomic nuclei
15.05.17 Mario Schwarz Positronium Lifetime Determination in Linear Alkylbenzene based Scintillator for JUNO
22.05.17 new Bachelor/Master/PhD students Introduction
29.05.17 SFB Seminar -----
05.06.17 ----- -----

Konstantin Schweizer

Moritz Burghardt

Determination of the kB Parameter of LAB Based Scintillators for JUNO

19.06.17 SFB Seminar -----

Patrick Krause

Philipp Landgraf

Bachelor/Master status
03.07.17 Simon Appel PhD status
10.07.17 Tobias Ortmann and Angelina Kinast Master status
17.07.17 Erik Lindner Master status
24.07.17 SFB Seminar, Bachelor presentations
31.07.17 Andrea Münster Production and Characterization of High-Purity CaWO4 Single Crystals for the CRESST Experiment

Contact: Andrea Münster, andrea.muenster@ph.tum.de, room PH3065, phone 089/289-12431