E15 Seminar:

Time: Monday, 13:30

Place: E15 Seminar room (3046)

06.11.17 ----- -----
13.11.17 SFB colloquium -----
20.11.17 Mario Schwarz First Measurements of Lifetime and Formation Probability of Orthopositronium in the JUNO Liquid Scintillator
27.11.17 Tobias Ortmann Characterization of Sputtered Tungsten Thin Films for the CRESST Experiment using Transition Measurements and X-Ray Diffraction
04.12.17 Konstantin Schweizer Determination of the Nonlinearity Parameter for LAB Based Liquid Scintillators
11.12.17 SFB colloquium -----
18.12.17 Tommaso Comellato Inverted coax prototype characterization Umicore/Baltic
25.12.17 Christmas break -----
01.01.18 Christmas break -----
08.01.18 Sabrina Franke Studies of radioactive and optical purification of LAB-based LSc for JUNO
15.01.18 SFB colloquium -----
22.01.18 Konrad Altenmüller The search for sterile neutrinos with beta-decay experiments: SOX and TRISTAN
29.01.18 Moritz Burghardt Background suppression through pulseshape analysis in the DEAP-3600 dark matter detector
05.02.18 SFB colloquium -----
14.02.18 (Mi) Dominik Jeschke The Cosmic Muon Flux, its Variations, and Low-Energy Atmospheric Neutrino Interactions Measured with the Borexino Detector
19.02.18 Raphael Hampf Optical beam diagnostics for high intensity heavy ion beams

Contact: Andrea Münster, andrea.muenster@ph.tum.de, room PH3065, phone 089/289-12431