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Kick-off symposium Hans Fischer Senior Fellow Dr. Thierry Lasserre, IAS (14.7.2016)
First GERDA Phase II data release at Neutrino 2016 by M. Agostini (8.7.2016)
Stefan Schönert awarded Max Planck Fellow at MPP
ν-Dark workshop 2015 at IAS, 7-9.12.2015
Prospects in low mass dark matter (30.11.-1.12.2015)
DAAD award for international students to Elizabeth Mondragón (20.11.2015)
Nobel Prize in Physics 2015 awardedto Takaaki Kajita and Arthur B. McDonald "for the discovery of neutrino oscillations which shows that neutrinos have mass" - We congratulate! Excellence Cluster on air
Spielregeln der Natur: Sonnenforschung im Untergrundlabor (2.9.2015 auf SAT1, in
Dark matter: search for "light weights" with CRESST, Sept. 2015
TUM Faszination Forschung 16, 2015Signals from Deep inside the Sun
First spectral measurement of solar pp-neutrinos with Borexino
MIAPP workshop "Neutrinos in Astro- and Particle Physics", June 2014



Cluster of Excellence:  Origin and Structure of the Universe

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