GERDA - The GERmanium Detector Array for the search of neutrinoless double beta decay in Ge-76 at the Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso (LNGS)


  • 8 Sep 2015 - Results from GERDA Phase II commissioning by Dr. Gusev at TAUP 2015
  • 3 Mar 2015 - Phase II Single string commissioning with liquid argon read out 
  • 20 Jul 2013 - Media coverage of the GERDA results (Physik-Department, TUM,  press)
  • 17 Jul 2013 - First release of the GERDA results at LNGS, given by Prof. Schönert (slidesvideo, paper)
  • 9 Nov 2010 - GERDA inauguration  at LNGS: wissensWERTHForschung im FelsAspera

Recent GERDA publications:

Overview of the GERDA experiment:  flyer, movie

The GERDA collaboration: list of institutions and contacts

The GERDA team at TUM: M. Agostini, T. Bode, K. Gusev, J. Janicsko, A. Lazzaro, S. Schönert, C. Wiesinger
Former TUM GERDA members: D. Budjáš, M. Barnabé-Heider

The TUM group's activities: Phase I detectors & operations at LNGS, Phase II BEGe detector (development, production coordination, aluminum contacting & detector integration), liquid argon instrumentation, high-purity very front-end electronics components, analysis software development and data analysis, pulse shape simulations and analysis 

GERDA facilities at TUM: Underground detector laboratory in the UGL2, liquid argon test stand, thin-film evaporation systems 

 Useful links: GERDA mainpage, Organigram & contacts, LNGS