Prof. Dr. Stefan Schönert

Tel.: ++49-89/289-12511
Fax: ++49-89/289-12680
E-Mail: schoenert _at_

E15 Team contact: Dr. Paola Muciarelli
Tel.: ++49-89/289-12522
Fax: ++49-89/289-12680

Recent publications (Spires)

Field of Research:
Particle properties of neutrinos: 0νββ decay search with GERDA and LEGEND, reactor neutrino oscillations with Double Chooz, sterile neutrino oscillation search search SOX
Neutrino astrophysics: Solar, supernovae and geo-neutrinos with Borexino
Dark matter search: low-mass dark matter search with CRESST; keV sterile neutrinos
Detector development: liquid noble gas detectors; light detection; low-background detector developments

Research groups and coordination:
Max Planck Fellow group
CryoNDM at the Werner-Heisenberg-Institut (MPP
TUM-IAS Focus group "sterile neutrino and dark matter" with Dr. Thierry Lasserre
Universe Cluster Research Area C Coordination